Getting there.

Currently I am in Flagstaff, AZ testing out some new techniques. I have moved camp twice since I’ve been here. The dispersed camping near town will allow a maximum of two weeks of free stationary camping. I am waiting for my family back home in Texas to ship me my winter sleeping bag. I hope it arrives before I get booted or even worse fined for staying too long.

I have been out for about three months far, leaving home on my 27th birthday, August, 10th. As the weather shifts so does my mood, I am become increasingly lonely, but I seem t have found a remedy. The Application called Tinder has brought about an interesting aspect to my travels. I went out on a date! It wasn’t anything special. It was great to have someone from the opposite sex interested enough to spend more than a few hours in my company. I may see her again sometime next week. Sure is a Rowdy young woman, enjoys 420 and craft brews, has a taste for the wild, and refuses to follow the rules. I am not sure what shenanigans we might get into on our next meeting, or is it a date? Who knows, but what I do know is that I would like to see her again. She is very cute, quite soft spoken because at time I can to quite hear her. Also a bubbly type of person, her emotes are subtle, but quite pleasant.

The Grand Canyon still eludes me, last year I had made it a point to reach it. However Colorado and all its wonders trapped me till the winter snow came rolling over the mountains. As close as I am to the Canyon, I am still finding it quite difficult to continue down the road to meet it. The temperature is dipping down into the low 40s at times near freezing. I need my down sleeping bag before things get really bad. As for now I need to make a decision, should I keep waiting for the bag back home, or do I buy one here? I am kind of leaning to purchasing a new bag, one specifically rated for this type of weather. The bag back home would have to be inserted into the bag I have now, and I have no idea if it will keep me warm enough.

I think I have made my mind up. I am going for the new sleeping bag. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially with this sort of traveling


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