Humphrey’s Peak

As I continue down this trail I then begin to realize I still have 3 hours and 6 miles to go. Camp feels so far away, I had never taken such a long hike. Thinking about the Grand Canyon my spirits sink lower. “How am I going to complete a 12hr hike, when I cannot finish a 6hr hike.” I lighten up and tell myself, “well you are accustomed to riding a bicycle, not walking.”

As the morning breaks the chilled and dark air, I rustle in my sleeping bag. My legs are sore, and my feet feel as if I’ve been walking over washboards. When in fact that is what I’ve just done the previous day, up and over Humphrey’s Peak. As I came down from the summit, the inclination wasn’t very steep, but the trail had taken a turn for the worse. The forest ground was littered with baseball sized rocks. They dug into the souls of my shoes deep down into the bone. Why am I tourtering myself with this hike. What does it accomplish? I’ve learned that I need tougher shoes, some rather expensive to boot.  But where does all this experience go? Only time can tell, till then I’ll keep climbing, hiking, and biking with no real destination.



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