An almost sleepless night

Last night was interesting, about 500ft above the city of Flagstaff on Humphrey’s Mtn, the weather turned for the worse. 

Earlier that day I pitched my tent up expecting rain thoughout the day. As it was mostly scattered showers, I packed down and expected a clear night. About a couple hours in, the wind started to pick up, and I was sure of a storm soon. I huddled into my improvised Bivvy bag, made from a heavy duty tarp, but it was nowhere long enough to shelter me. Forced to suit up, I dawned my rain gear and made a hasty attempt at setting up my quick tent/ goretex tarp. The setup was seamless and precise. All of my clothes and electronics made a healthy escape. As the night continued, I felt comfortable and warm, and proud of myself for achieving such a quick transfer. As I laid amongst my things, I got a couple of more chapters into my book. Relaxed and assured of dry bedding, I soon dosed off. 

I should trust my gut more often. I knew what was coming; I felt the shift in temperature, the wind did pick up, and my senses were indeed tingling. Proof of how doubt can get the better of reason, trust yourself and all will be well. 


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