Blistering cold

Last night I decided to spend the night down near town. I gathered up my thing from Freidlein Prairie, a free campsite near Flagstaff, Az, and made my way downtown. After a couple of drinks, I set out to find a corner in the shadows. Earlier that night as I patrolled the area, I came across a man huddled face down on the ground. I thought to myself, “I’m about to purchase a new sleeping bag rated for this area. I should give him the one I have now, I need to get rid of it somehow!”

The night was extremely damp (aka condensation/fog) and my bag was soon sopping wet. My first instinct was to gather myself in layers and try to press though. Even with my rain jacket and winter pants on, I was freezing, but not quite shivering. I turned around and kept my arms tucked against my chest. I got a decent amount of rest, about 5hrs of sleep. As I was huddled faced down, I thought, “the man I saw earlier may be spending a better night than I am right this moment.”

I had traded my warm bedding for a wet one, a guilty conscience for a clear one. I hope he accpeted the sleeping bag I gave him. He didn’t respond as I threw it over him. I think he was passed out, but I flat out gave it to him. Which begs me to question my motives. Is feeling pity for another person empathy or a malicious way of satisfying ones own ego? How does anyone continue on with their own life when there are so much to be hurt by? I guess I care too much, I’ve got to find out what is “enough.”


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