Warm and cozy 

Last night was very warm. No issues getting to sleep and staying so. Flagstaff has been an interesting place to hangout, many of the locals are young, and the shops reflect such a crowd. Had Matcha for the first time as some tea shop in town. It was a very strong flavor, and I enjoyed every slow sip of it. Not much to report on for today, just a post to post.

The sleeping bag I purchased is a youth lumen by REI. Many of the standard bags available are too tall for my childish frame. It reduced the cost so I’m not complaining. The road is getting lonely, once again I am considering going back into the commonwealth of mainstream society. These last few weeks I’ve been stagnant in hopes of spending time with someone. Which is difficult, I am not sure why. I am not looking for someone who is easily impressed by a large bank account, or fancy dinners. I’m a ragamuffin, a sloppy no showers kind of person. Not even sure why I crave the attention of another. It must be a natural reaction to the coming freeze, bunker down and “mate”. How absurd?

Hell a book club meeting would suffice right about now. I try to fill my time with reading and coffee, but it wears at my patience. I need a decent conversation with someone. Last winter I had a similar effect, many of my thoughts were preoccupied with want. Wanting to befriend, to hangout with another person, and to have a relationship. It’s a simple thing, the sense of community begs at us all, but when one wants to rid themselves of it… impossible. How lame.


2 Replies to “Warm and cozy ”

  1. hug

    Very natural. I feel these things even in my day to day. Feeling comfortable and connecting with someone…exchanging a smile, fun story, or a meal… Priceless.

    Oh…being a human. So beautifully messy!

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