There and back again

November 2010, I am sitting down in front of my emotional therapist, and I have no idea what to feel. A few months ago I was in a car accident. The car was totaled, I survived, but my 18 year old Girl Friend did not. I was in shock, I lost my mind, I had lost my grasp on reality.

Fast forward six years, I am now traveling the Nation by bicycle. I am welcomed by grand expanses of land, snow peaked mountains, wide smiles, and endless kilometers of asphalt. I know why I’m out here, and I know what started it all.

I’m out here to explore the world on my own terms. I define how far I can go and I decide where to go. With an extensive repair kit, panniers, tarp, and sleeping bag my bicycle and I have travelled well over 10,000 km. Death isn’t kind, grief isn’t pleasant, but what they can offer cannot be taught by anything else. Fortified by my experience, I press past remote areas, blistering heat, and freezing temperatures. All for the joy of accomplishing my own personal goals. With every new town and smiling face my resolve, as a confident young man, finds a foothold within myself.

Touring has brought me back from a crippling depression and helped me survive my grief. Had I never discovered Bicycle Touring, aka Adventure Cycling, my life would be written elsewhere.


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