On the move

Now on the west coast, and after an over night train ride. I am back on the road, traveling north. The temperature has risen a decent 20 degrees. I left Flagstaff on the second of November, it is now the Forth. I know now that I want to be in Alaska for the summer. I will continue until my gear cannot hold up it against the weather. Winter is fast approaching, my trip on the train was to get back down to sea level asap. I hope I’ve bought myself a few more weeks of travel time.

I am still a bit hazy from the few nights of heavy drinking. I had met a Navaho in Flagstaff hours before my departure. Ryan Baird, 47 and a fiend. I was more than happy to share the wealth that night, but regretted it in the morning. Reviewing my back account, I noticed that we went to three different bars, and spent the better half of $100. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good night, but I was a fool for spending that much.

In my defense, the Cubs and Indians were playing the World Series. Everyone was out, most of the bars were packed, and I am sure shots were being tossed back with complete disregard. Oh, well.


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