The road into Lompoc, CA

November 6.

The day started like any other, but I struggle to recall where exactly I slept. Nor do I remember which city I started off from. What I do remember is my nagging stomach begging for something filling.

“Only ten more miles, the I am totally getting some Noms. Three paydays, large fries, and a salad. Or should I get a burger? Oh a parfait!”

I was salivating at the idea of munching out on all of my favorite foods, and snacks. My legs were fine at this point, the only thing that was suffering was my mood. Low on energy, I was beginning to bag on myself.

“You are a psycho, crazy loser. Why are you out here? Your dreams of reaching Alaska is a fools errand.”

In response, I thought, of course this is going to be happening. It’s not an easy thing to ride your bicycle clear cross states. Not to mention past mountain ranges and though foul weather. Don’t beat yourself up. Then the next mile marker came into focus, and my depressing comments to myself alleviated. With ten more miles to go an extra boost of energy followed close behind me, pushing me forward.

However, those negative remarks were nipping at my heals, the road seemed to stretch beyond the sea. The bends grew by miles, and the hills felt steeper. With the last decent into the Lompoc valley, my arms raised in a triumphant display of success. A mile into town I bought my paydays, devoured one, and saved the others. I searched for a grocery store thinking to myself that I should save some money. However, following my prescribed route, I diverted straight into a Jack in the Box. Ordering the largest burger available, a carton of fries to match, accompanied by a large milkshake; I sat down to eat.

Today is the 7th of November, and I am taking the day off. I think I’ve deserved it, besides there is a free movie at the public library. I hope they have tubs large enough to fill my unrelenting appetite.


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