A very rough night

As I approach the next town, I noticed this massive cloud. I figured it was well above my head, however as I grew closer, the temperature began to drop. I continued with no real worries, up until I crossed into the the threshold. The sunlight was completely shut out, 3pm in the afternoon and visibility was less than a mile. I pressed on for more than a few miles, seven to be exact. At tune edge of the next town, I found horse track. Following it past the point of any other buildings, I decided to “cowboy camp” outside in the open. That was a huge mistake.

The fog didn’t lift that night, the constant but ever so slight breeze condensed on every available leaf. My sleeping bag was soaked, I was warm, but a puddle grew near my feet. I was lucky the ground was so uneven, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get any sleep. 

The sleeping bag I have is a youth lumen from REI, and I must admit, it performed way beyond any of my expectations. Mind you I wasn’t in a downpour, but the air was a huge floating lake of water. The bag shouldn’t have kept me warm, but it did! I was dry, save my feet, and the bag was surprisingly water resistant. I am glad to have made its purchase. 


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