Bicycle touring 

Bicycle touring in the states is way too easy. The stores are filled with food, many of the accommodations I make are free, and the climbs are manageable. Of course I haven’t yet gone off road. I have mostly been traveling on the pavement. The miles pass by smoothly, and the hours roll on. I have have not yet found the adventure I am looking for. As I make my way north to Alaska, the chill hasn’t hit. I still have a few more weeks of travel time until I should start purchasing winter specific gear.

I am still fed, my allowance as been keeping up with my stomach. However on some days, I splurge and pig out. I haven’t found that meet all needs type of feed, but I am trying to mix new prouducts to reach my caloric burn. It’s been challenging, the emotion toll is harder to deal with that the finiacial one. But I am coming around. It’s been three months so far since I’ve left home, and this time around I doubt I will go home.


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