Change of season

The grips of winter claw at my heels, with every stroke of the pedal I inch toward a possible doom.

This morning was a hint of what is to come. Near the western shore the humidity is 100% with a dew point at 38 degrees. My sleeping bag was covered with a healthy dose of condensation, as was my bicycle and panniers. I clambered out of my nylon sack, slipped into my ski pants and fitted my hands into their gloves.

As I was packing up my bedding, I decided to head back into the town. Petaluma, California waited 9 miles East of my current position, and I was not in a good mood. Trudging along I accepted the possibility of admitting defeat and heading back home to Texas. I do not want to end this adventure like this, all I need is a couple items to make this effort possible. I have not yet reached the Canadian boarder!

Regardless of my position, the human body has its limits and I must respect them. Headstrong and stubborn, I may be riding my bicycle into a grave rather than adventure. But I have not yet become the explorer I’ve so wished to become. I need to be extreme, I need to push the boundaries of endurance and sanity. How else am I to become Great? It’s easy to ride a bicycle, difficult to do so for hundreds of miles, but impossible to do so during the winter.

I still have a whole front end to load up with gear. I know I need rain pants and waterproof shoes, of which, do not take much space. My rain jacket is a Marmot, and it’s a very reliable piece of equipment. I am also confident in my abilities to survive in the bush. I’m going to need a waterproof match case, and a reliable method to start a fire. I also want to pick up an ax, one large enough to two and but small enough to mount on the bicycle. I don’t know what I am doing, but I need this challenge.

“It’s better to lose your life than to waste it.” -John Piper


One Reply to “Change of season”

  1. Wisdom is just as important as whetewithal: Canadian winter will kill you real fast. Find a job in the southwest and ride north in a few months. Last year I hit snow in the Rockies near Santa Fe into the start of May, and some of the higher passes don’t open until June. Lower elevations were fine in April.


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