What is life without Bicycle Touring? 

What is bicycle touring? 

Bicycle touring is grabbing a set of lightweight camping gear. Loading it onto a bicycle by the means of panniers, and riding for days on end towards an interesting destination. For more information on panniers, watch the REI‘s short video describing several forms of carrying gear. 

Why is it valuable? 

Traveling as a bicycle tourist is an experience in understanding that you are whole. Keeping a strict mindset held to your responsibilities places a stress on your sense of self. Apart from the world of instant communication and wireless internet, the pressure to prove yourself as a valuable piece of equity fades. Out in the open world there is no waiting on anyone, or expecting for calls to come through; e-mails and appointments are irrelevant. It’s a void filled with large expanses of land. Enjoying the empty spaces of the world allows for an awareness of being to grow. It’s an ever fleeting sense of understanding, and there are many expressions of describing it; wholeness, oneness, enlightenment. I can only present the end of a long discussion I’ve had with myself over the course of many years. But being may expresses itself as a whole idea once the distractions of the world are removed. And bicycle touring is the perfect way to experience it. 

Where has Bicycle Touring taken me?

I first became aware of bicycle touring from a simple video I watched that led me to the Bicycle Touring Pro. I picked up a self help book on bicycle maintenance and began to travel. Until then, I was lost in a personal turmoil with little care for consequences. I destroyed many of my personal connections, and much of my family kept their distance. My social awareness was damaged, I lived in an invisible world focused on energy and the divine. I had little to no understanding and dwelled in a world that did not exist. If you are not able to cohesively express yourself with simple words, then madness has indeed consumed you.
I built myself back up from instability and paranoia by following the road till it ended. It proved to be easy and well worth it. As I continue to ride along, I can now understand the value of what I did. Enlightenment does not come easy, understanding the value of being is confusing, and of the many paths one can take; I choose oblivion. As romantic as exploring the wilds may seem, the world outside of society offers no security for the future. Had I continued without realizing it, I would have forfeited my life in favor of living in the gutters. 

What is life without Bicycle Touring? 

Simply said, “life without bicycle touring is a life not lived.” Its worth has proved to me that everyone should experience Bike Travel at least once in their life. It is an affordable means of transportation that requires only food and water as fuel. Most of North American is accessible by bicycle, and with enough time one may reach any destination imaginable. With the innovations in Bike Packing, even off road excursions are possible. 

To sum things up, the bicycle isn’t just a means of transportation. Its a vehicle of self discovery, that forces you to face yourself and the limitations you believe you may have. It grants you the strength to surpass them, and gives you a emotional stability to continue. 


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