Hard times make for good

I forget how fortunate I am, usually when things are nice and calm. I begin to reminisce and shock myself into reliving the moments in my life that lend nothing to me. I am sitting here, after a decent dinner, enjoying a brew. The music is nice and relaxing, and I then notice. Why do i bag on myself so much? I am doing what i love. I travel and take photos, try new foods and new restaurants, and I always have time for myself. 

Listening to blues gives me the energy to accept what I cannot change. Today wasn’t especially hard, mind you It was a real downer. Popped a spoke and I had to walk 9 miles into town. Tomorrow will be easier, I am in range of the local bus, and so much closer to bay. I didn’t take any photos today, but I accepted the challenge. A bad day out in the bush, is better than a good day in an office. I need my bicycle to be reliable. Riding around on a wobbly wheel begs for something worse to happen. 

I’ll be back, the area is waiting. There isn’t anything to worry about. Besides, I’ve got a flock of Green Jays waiting for me. 


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