South Padre Island Overnighter

A high pitch buzz fills the air, a thin mesh of fabric is all that keeps the swarm of mosquitos away. A handful of them trailed in behind me as I settled in for the night. Leading into the dawn, bright skies and strong winds kept them down.  Behind the dune, however, the winds strength was halved and they gathered near my head. There is enough space between the thin wall and myself to be comfortable. But its times likes these that allows the question, ” should I get an appropriate tent?” 

As my shelter stands, the job is getting done and I’ve nothing to worry about. My center post is the bicycle I tour on, its staked down opposite to where I am sleeping. The nine inch stake digs deep into the soft ground, and the paracord is strong and taught. The bottom of the mesh is open and most of the floor is covered with a piece of tarp. Essentially, my flimsy make shift shelter is a direct example of most tents. I should accept it, I made my own tent. I have a tent, minus the fiber poles and rain fly of course. 

I love the idea of using my bicycle as the main tie off point. It gives me the option to save weight, the tent poles were the first to go. Now I need to work on how I carry the gear. My panniers are extremely heavy, big, and bulky. Bike packing bags are the next best thing when it comes to bike travel. But the idea of halving my equipment, mainly clothing, gives me the chills. 

I do not carry a sleeping bag. They are expensive and take up so much room. I rely on my layers, but I have no idea how to fit them all into smaller bags. The jump from Bicycle Touring to Bike Packing isn’t as scary as I think it is. Heading out on my first Bicycle Tour didn’t even have the appropriate gear. It excites me to feel this way, there is a new challenge. Gravel grinding offers exactly what I am looking for. Snappy and agile responce for off-road trails. As I break way into new method of expressing my adventures. I think now would be the perfect time to try all of this. I just hope I don’t become bug food. 


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