[Day 1] Bike-Packing micro-venture.

Tomorrow, Saturday 3rd, 2017, I’ll be hitching a ride with my younger brother to Del Rio from McAllen, Texas. From Del Rio, I’ll be riding my bicycle to the Big Bend National Park, near the Mexican border. During my week long trip, I’ll be transitioning from my original Bicycle Touring pannier setup, to a more nimble Bike-Packing frame bag set up.

With every year that passes, my adventure cycling has continued to evolve. At first I had all the amenities a camper might want, and they filled my panniers to the brim. I traveled slow and kept to areas I liked, I explored them and had a camp to return to. 

This is my setup now, its very slim and I have a slight worry. I will not be carrying extra clothes or a sleeping bag. The nights may be a bit chilly, but most of  Texas is scorching hot right now. Cool nights would be welcomed. 

The only set of clothes I will be taking is what I would be wearing. My rain gear will supplement the lack of sleeping bag. A tarplike shelter will keep me dry on questionable nights. And a Sawyer Mini water filter will keep me hydrated. 

The biggest worry I have with this setup is the lack of space for cooking gear and food. At least that is what I think. I worry I may go hungry in the barren spaces between towns. Minus the rack and bulky panniers, I am able to cover much more ground. But what if my plan to carry dry foods cant tie me over. Very last miniute, but I think I am going to lash on my alcohol stove and cup somewhere. I have enough space between the frame for my bottle of fuel, and I am going to be carrying a pack on my back. I could store some provisions along side my tablet. I just hope the weight doesn’t mess with my back too much. 


3 Replies to “[Day 1] Bike-Packing micro-venture.”

  1. I am going through all the same questions – there are times when I really value a stove. I wouldn’t go without a sleeping big but m in colder regions (Spain). But I have to travel light as I have no granny wheel on my Sequoia. In the end, hauling all that weight is no fun!


    1. Yeah, weight can be a tricky thing to think about. I have a new post out, and I have gone back on my decision to travel with out a stove and pot. I love colder weather, but Texas is so hot right now. It’s basically unnecessary, I will be carrying a thermal layer though. A hoodie and fleece tights should be enough to brave the nights. At least i hope so. Lol.

      No granny wheel? Do you hike steep hills often, or has it been all good so far? That would wreck havoc on my knees.


  2. I do get off and walk when the gradient gets too steep- in Spain I have done a lot of climbing though and mainly the roads are well- is, even on my old Thorn with MTB gears, I still found myself walking some of the time!


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