[Day 2?] Bike-Packing Micro-venture 

Well things have changed a bit. Plans to join my brother out on the road today has been pushed back several hours. The drive back to Del Rio has been postponed till tonight. I have no real opinion about it, because either way I am getting a free ride. I may be anxious to get going, but who am I to say anything. 

 Some last minute changes have been added to my gear list. Originally, I forfeited the idea of having a cooking setup, but I have gone back on my decision. Four extra lbs have been added, rice and oats now take the place my sleeping pad once took. The pad is still behind me, but now has been expertly lashed onto the rear seat bag. My cooking pot and alcohol stove are nesting  near the belly of my cranks, and a fuel bottle is resting between the frame. 

When I was adding my provisions, I had problems keeping the seat bag stable against the post. But packing my food bag last shifted the weight. I want to go back to my panniers and rack, but the weight saved is much more beneficial. Panniers are much more stable, but I guess theses problems are inherent for Bike-Packing. 

I keep looking at my map, and feel much more confident with my decision to add my cooking gear. The area I hope to explore is exceptionally barren, water may be hard to find, and the heat will be very intense. I’ve experienced heat stroke before, Texas has beaten me down. But I feel much more prepared this time around. I should be heading further up, the northern states are experiencing perfect weather right now. However, I must be home for my niece’s birthday. Which is sometime in August, and if I travel too far I may not make it back in time. 

I can’t wait to get out there, I need the challenge. I can just picture myself out in a small creek relaxing and trying to escape the summer heat. 


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