Pablo the Beggar [BP-MV: day 6]

This area has proved to be more challenging than I would expect. From Del Rio to Marathon there is almost nothing. Staying connected to the internet is hard, and there is only a handful of towns that have hot and fresh food. The temperature near and around Marathon is relatively cool, and with the moderate climb in elevation, the summer heat isn’t as intense. 

I have spent an entire day in Marathon, and so far I have met nearly half of the local community. Pablo Gonzalez, the towns “beggar,” spent the afternoon with me. I approached him with a case of Lone Star beer and sat down with him to drink. He shared with me how broken and tired he is. Much older than I, his arms had signs of hard work, and his slumped back was more than enough evidence to prove my assumption right. 

We chatted about how sick the world is, and how it was his duty to heal it. 

“I am the most intelligent man on the world. I am the strongest! But the machines man has made broke me down. We must be like Abraham Lincoln and heal the world. Men walk in different ways, the earth moves them so. ” 

It’s hard to keep his words with me because his principles are so far out there. He doesn’t have any real skills, and he spent most of his life doing manual labor. Now that his body is broken and old, he has no real way to make a living. He walks around town all day, in fact only a few minutes ago I met him, and mostly keeps to himself. 

There are many tourist who stop by for coffee and beer, I wonder if he asks anything from them as they pass though. I left him to his own with four beers and a sandwich. I’m not sure what he did, or where he went. I hope I didn’t make him feel uncomfortable this morning. I shook his hand and continued on my way to the library. I wouldn’t know what to do if I met him a third time. 


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