[Day 11] Bike-Packing Micro-venture

Well. The trip is over, I am killing most of the day in El Pas waiting for the train to arrive. It’s extreamly hot outside, and I am glad to call it all a wrap. The DIY setup I seat out with has performed very well. I think I have a good idea of what exactly I am going to need. Once I get home, I’ll go over my photographs and hopefully host a small get together presenting my collection. This is the first time I have been out with a proper camera and I am worried about my photo resolution. 

The camera I have is an older model, but it was of the best during its time. I have a local print shop in mind, and I have done business with them before. Hopefully they can give me all of the details of what is available. I haven’t reviewed my photos, and I hope I am in for a nice surprise. I have an averaged idea of what I took, and I’ve posted several of my shots on my Facebook page.  The feedback I received was very promising, so I have kept most of what I have shot to myself. The reveal will be just as exciting to my friends as it will be for me. 

The hosting will have to be small, but everyone starts off so.


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