After the trip

The short two-week trip was in preparation for a shift into bike-packing, now that I am back home. The effort now switches to purchasing such bags. I’ve done my field research and I have concluded: “I need to build my setup around the largest things I will carry.”

Which include: Ipad Pro (tablet), Camera, and a Therma-rest Sleeping Mat (inflatable). I had stored the tablet in a backpack, managed to squeeze the mat into a seat bag, and I then allowed the camera to rest in a handlebar bag. Having the Camera up front was very handy. Being able to reach it soon after dismounting without having to prop up the bicycle was very nice.


This is the first time I ventured out with a decent camera, and I must admit; my artistic eye has a lot to learn. Many of my photos were random and the landscapes were not defined. Of the few I do enjoy, are all of broken down buildings. The forgotten and dwindling small towns of West Texas provided great black and white photos.


Looking back and editing photos like these, presents an ache to return to West Texas. It’s a rough terrain filled with dangers big and small. The landscape is dry and rough, and the critters are fast and poisonous. But the small towns provide a world few are able to witness.


Regardless of wether when I will be heading out, I need to adjust my setup to something a bit more comfortable. I like how the weight is distributed with bike-packing. But I also love how much space panniers have. More likely than not, I will need to settle with something in between these two schools.


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